Children’s Bible Programme

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Qtr 4 2023

10/09/2023Rocks/GemsThe Armour of God.
17/09/2023Rocks/GemsLiving the Christian Life – Love is …
1 Corinthians 12:12 to 13:13
24/09/2023Rocks/GemsFruit of the spirit
01/10/2023Rocks/GemsFaith and Works – James 2:14-26
08/10/2023Rocks/GemsLooking Forward to the Future – Revelation
15/10/2023Rocks/GemsOverview NT
22/10/2023Rocks/GemsMissionary Focus Sunday
29/10/2023KidstogetherSea Kids – The Respect effect / Sharing is caring
12/11/2023Rocks/GemsAdam and Eve
19/11/2023Rocks/GemsCain and Abel
03/12/2023Rocks/GemsTower of Babel
10/12/2023Rocks/GemsAbraham and God’s promises
17/12/2023Rocks/GemsAbraham and Isaac – Jesus came to earth and his sacrifice for us
24/12/2023KidstogetherChristmas video – Spark Christmas Video or Storybook First Christmas
31/12/2023KidstogetherChristmas video – Sea Kids – Gift

Qtr 3 2023

23/07/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – Trapped
30/07/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – Sink or Swim
06/08/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – Starlight express
13/08/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – Tricked by Traitor
20/08/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers -Tried and True
27/07/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – Caught at the crossroads
03/09/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – To the ends of the Earth

Qtr 2 2023

28/05/2023KidstogetherHermie – (RNM) Skeeter – Self Esteem
04/06/2023Rocks/GemsA Special Helper Arrives
11/06/2023Rocks/GemsStephen is stoned and the church is scattered.
18/06/2023Rocks/GemsSaul’s Conversion
25/06/2023Rocks/GemsPeter’s Vision
02/07/2023Rocks/GemsPeter’s Miraculous Escape from Prison.
09/07/2023Rocks/GemsPaul’s Missionary Journeys.
16/07/2023Rocks/GemsPaul’s Arrest.
23/07/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – Trapped
30/07/2023KidstogetherStory Keepers – Sink or Swim

Qtr 1 2023

01/01/2023KidstogetherHermie – Flo creates a buzz (RNM)
08/01/2023Rocks/GemsParable of the Sower
15/01/2023Rocks/GemsJesus Calms the storm
22/01/2023Rocks/GemsFeeding of the 5000
29/01/2023Rocks/GemsWalks on water
05/02/2023Rocks/GemsPeter’s confession
26/02/2023Rocks/GemsThe unmerciful servant
5/03/2023Rocks/GemsMary and Martha
12/03/2023Rocks/GemsThe lost sheep
16/04/2023Rocks/GemsTriumphal entry
23/04/2023Rocks/GemsLast Supper
7/05/2023Rocks/GemsPeter denies Jesus
14/05/2023Rocks/GemsJesus crucifixion
21/05/2023Rocks/GemsJesus has risen!

Qtr 4 2022
11/09/2022Rocks/GemsMary & Elizabeth
18/09/2022Rocks/GemsThe Birth of Jesus
25/09/2022Rocks/GemsThe boy Jesus in the Temple
02/10/2022Rocks/GemsJohn the Baptist
09/10/2022Rocks/GemsTemptation of Jesus
16/10/2022Rocks/GemsWedding at Cana
23/10/2022KidstogetherHermie – Who’s in charge
30/10/2022Rocks/GemsJesus clears the temple
13/11/2022Rocks/GemsSamaritan at the well
20/11/2022Rocks/GemsFishers of men
27/11/2022Rocks/GemsJesus heals the paralytic
04/12/2022Rocks/GemsJesus and the Sabbath
11/12/2022Rocks/GemsSermon on the mount parts 1 and 2
18/12/2022KidstogetherSpark – the story of Christmas (RNM)
25/12/2022Family Service– No Kidstogether
Qtr 1 2022
02/01/2022KidstogetherVeggie Tales – Robin Good
09/01/2022Rocks/GemsElijah and Naboth’s vineyard
16/01/2022 Rocks/Gems Elijah is taken to Heaven
23/01/2022 Rocks/Gems Elisha – Blinded Syrian Army
30/01/2022 Rocks/Gems Elisha and Naaman
06/02/2022 Rocks/Gems Jonah
20/02/2022Kidstogether Veggie Tales – It’s a meaningful life
27/02/2022Rocks/GemsDaniel & friends show respect for God
06/03/2022Rocks/Gems God gives wisdom to Daniel (dream explained)
13/03/2022Rocks/Gems God saves from fiery furnace.
20/03/2022Rocks/Gems Daniel shows courage (the writing on the wall)
27/03/2022Rocks/Gems Daniel and the lions’ den
Qtr 2 2022
03/04/2022Rocks/Gems Prophetic scripture – Psalms 22 and Isaiah 53
10/04/2022Kidstogether What’s in the Bible – The Messiah Comes (RNM)
17/04/2022Kidstogether Easter Sunday – Spark – Easter Story (RNM)
24/04/2022Kidstogether Veggie Tales – God wants me to forgive them!
01/05/2022Rocks/GemsEzra – The rebuilding of the temple 
08/05/2022Rocks/GemsNehemiah – The Rebuilding of the Walls
15/05/2022Rocks/GemsEsther – A new Queen for Persia
22/05/2022Rocks/GemsEsther foils Haman’s plot
29/05/2022KidstogetherVeggie Tales – Noah’s Ark
05/06/2022Rocks/GemsHabakkuk – When in doubt, walk by faith
12/06/2022Rocks/GemsZechariah – Prepare For Messiah / Visions
19/06/2022Rocks/GemsMalachi – Turn Back To God
26/06/2022Rocks/GemsReview of Old Testament
Qtr 3 2022
03/07/2022Rocks/GemsSeries on Psalms – Psalm 1 God wants to bless our lives
10/07/2022Rocks/GemsPsalm 5 – God wants us to pray to Him everyday
17/07/2022Rocks/GemsPsalm 2 – Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
24/07/2022KidstogetherStory Keepers – Breakout
31/07/2022KidstogetherStory Keepers – Raging Waters
07/08/2022KidstogetherStory Keepers – Catacomb rescue
14/08/2022KidstogetherStory Keepers – Roar in the night
21/08/2022KidstogetherSuperbook – Daniel
28/08/2022KidstogetherStory Keepers – Captured
04/09/2022KidstogetherStory Keepers – Trapped
11/09/2022Rocks/GemsMary & Elizabeth
18/09/2022Rocks/GemsThe Birth of Jesus
27/09/2022Rocks/GemsThe boy Jesus in the Temple
02/10/2022Rocks/GemsJohn the Baptist
09/10/2022Rocks/GemsTemptation of Jesus
16/10/2022Rocks/GemsWedding at Cana
30/10/2022Rocks/GemsJesus clears the temple
Qtr 4 2021
26/09/2021Rocks/GemsSamuel annoints David as King / David and Goliath
03/10/2021Rocks/GemsSaul’s jealousy
10/10/2021Rocks/GemsDavid and Jonathon
17/10/2021Rocks/GemsThe fugitive
24/10/2021KidstogetherVeggie Tales – Prenniless Princess
31/10/2021Rocks/GemsThe ark is brought to Jerusalem
07/11/2021Rocks/GemsDavid and Mephibosheth or Bathsheba
14/11/2021Rocks/GemsSolomon Asks for Wisdom
21/11/2021Rocks/GemsSolomon Builds the Temple / Solomon is disobedient
28/11/2021Rocks/GemsElijah and the Drought
05/12/2021Rocks/GemsElijah and the Widow’s Son
12/12/2021Rocks/GemsElijah and the Prophets of Baal
19/12/2021 Kidstogether The Story of Christmas
26/12/2021No Service

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