I’m New

Are you new here? Not sure what to expect? Relax – we’re all about being family together.

“What are MCC Sunday meetings like?”

Come as you are. We’ll give you a warm welcome and help you find your way around the building. We all gather in the main hall for the first part of the service and seek to celebrate God through authentic worship. As well as telling God how much we love Him, we allow God to minister to us through these times of being in his presence. If this happens, it may be through people openly sharing a prayer, a verse from the Bible, a mental picture they believe is from God or something else that is to encourage and relate to us.

Then the children and younger teens go to their classes for relevant, fun and engaging input based on the Bible. We value our younger generations very much and want them to grow in faith and love. The adults stay on in the main hall for an impactful talk from God’s word that seeks to build us into a community who love and serve others. Jesus changes us.
We then offer ministry and prayer at the end for those who want it and we nearly all linger for refreshments and chat in the foyer afterwards. We usually finish the service by 11:30 am though the subsequent catching up can last another hour or more.

How do I find out more?

On the first Sunday of every month we hold an informal time together in the room known as Cosy Corner, just off the foyer after the service, just grab a drink and come along to hear more about MCC.

“What happens to the children at church?”

We love having children with us! We invite them to worship and join in the singing with us as they are able. We have had smaller ones dance spontaneously in circles at the front and some space is provided at the back of the hall for other creative activity such as drawing, reading or playing under parent’s supervision. We don’t mind a bit of noise or laughter!
We also offer an equipped baby and toddler creche, that has AV link up to the main hall, as well as children’s toilets. Please make use of these facilities as needed.

As children are part of our church family we aim to include them where possible in the worship service. We want to be inter-generational in how we ‘do church’. Older ones may take part in a reading or occasionally a drama or play in the worship team and we usually have a family slot each week aimed at the children before they go out to their own classes.
For information on our range of children’s activities click here…

“Is there a dress code?”

No, just wear something comfortable that you wouldn’t mind your mother seeing you in!

“What type of church are you?”

We are an independent evangelical church and a member of the Evangelical Alliance. We have a real mix of different people and it is not easy to pigeon-hole us. Though we have people from a wide range of church backgrounds and traditions, we seek to be a community of Christians who honour both the Spirit and the Word, the heart and the head, as we follow Jesus.

“How do I join in church activities?”

If you want to connect with us (and we hope you do), then either fill in a physical connection card which is available near the exit doors of the main hall and give them to one of the welcome team, a staff member or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. With your consent we will add you to ChurchSuite, our church database system so you receive regular emails. We’ll then be in touch and start your journey with us. We usually try to connect you to one of our Life Groups, whether that is a home group in your area or a Bible study or other ministry or interest group. We also offer ‘new comers’ dessert nights and lunches as ways to get to know us better. Down the line we can then talk about membership and what that means if you really want to solidify your commitment to partner with us as a community.

“Am I expected to give to the offering?” 

No. We don’t have an offering plate that we pass round. Instead we encourage people to set up a regular standing order and to support the work as they are able. Info on this is available on the Information desk in the foyer. However, as a visitor there is no obligation to do this. Just enjoy being with us!

“Is there parking nearby?” 

Yes. We have use of the staff car park from the medical centre directly behind us on Sundays. This can hold over 30 cars. There are also a couple of disabled parking spaces in the church’s own small car park adjacent to the building. There is also ample parking in the streets around Westmoreland street, just be courteous to our neighbours in how you park. No parking discs are needed on Sundays.