Our Groups

At MCC we value small groups as a way of building relationships and growing together. All our small groups come under the collective umbrella of ‘Life Groups’. We have a wide variety of Life Groups under three categories – Bible study based (e.g. Home Groups, heart to Heart), Ministry focused (e.g. Worship and A/V team, Kids and Youth work, CAP ministries) or Interest related (e.g. Faith and Environment, Men’s Group). Once you are signed up to our ChurchSuite database you will be able to see the various groups available. Groups in the first two categories need your request to be approved by the leader(s) and you will receive an email saying your ‘application is pending’. In many cases it would be easiest (and recommended) to speak to the leader(s) in person first about your desire to join or help out so that you both are on the same page before applying.

As far as possible we want our small group experiences at MCC to be relational (building community and fellowship), spiritual (encouraging one another in faith) and missional (outward focused to include new people). We would love all our members and regular attenders to be connected in to at least one Life Group per year. But also don’t overdo it! Belonging to six or more is probably a sign of imbalance in your life too!

So enjoy exploring the ‘My Groups’ section of ChurchSuite and see what God is doing at MCC and where you can best serve. And don’t forget to bless and uphold all our fabulous leaders too along the way. Without them we wouldn’t have any Life Groups to offer.