The Davis Family

The Davis family live in Nicaragua in Central America.
Barry is from the UK and his wife, Susana is from South Korea.
They met while he was in Costa Rica learning Spanish and have two children – (Joshua and Esther).
For several years now Barry and Susana have been building and running a bi-lingual (Spanish/ English) Christian Academy near Jinotepe, Nicaragua.
Through the Academy, they want to give a good education while also helping the students to grow in their faith.
The school has grown each year! In two years CCA will be ready for a secondary school, but this requires prayer.

Finding Christian teachers is the most difficult task in their work at CCA.
The greatest need is for the teachers to be trained and learn English. 
For further info go to or take a look at our video below:

Carazo Christian Academy from Sue Overton on Vimeo.