The Davis Family


We are Barry and Susana Davis and we have been mission partners at MCC for over 20 years.
Our vision for Christian education in Nicaragua started partly through our own children’s experience in Christian pre-school; we were also convinced that if the Gospel was going to impact Nicaragua in any meaningful way then preparing the next generation with biblical foundations was well worth the long term investment.
Our two grown up children are Joshua who is in the British Army and Esther who is at university in the UK.


We are working in Nicaragua. This country is the largest of the Central American republics. Nicaragua can be characterised by its agricultural economy,  history of autocratic government and its imbalance of regional development. Almost all settlement and economic activity are concentrated in the western half of the country. There is no official religion in Nicaragua, but about one half of Nicaraguans adhere to Roman Catholicism. Nicaragua is one of Latin America’s poorest countries and suffers from high unemployment rates and a large external debt.


We have built two schools; they are Christian, private and bilingual. We try to recruit Christian teachers from various local churches, we prefer university graduates. CCA opened in 2007 with four students and five teachers. We finished that first year with 16 students and began the second year with 45 students. CFA started in 2016. We have around 400 students in both schools, and we have never advertised since 2006! We have total freedom to share the Gospel and teach the Bible each day in a closed country. Over the years we have been able to invite teachers and leaders from the UK and USA to help in training the teachers. Another large part of our work is with mission teams and volunteers — this has a massive impact on parents, teachers and students in the cross-cultural setting.Parents are drawn to our alternative bilingual system and the Ministry of Education praises our academic results. The Christian life and faith of our teachers is key and essential for the future.
We hope to hand over the first school to national leaders very soon, so as to dedicate more time to the second school. We have opportunities for missionaries to step into parts of this ministry as it has become too big for us. There are other major cities in need of a Christian school.
Workers are the problem, prayer is the solution — could it be you who helps to send others or is sent yourself?