Event, Activity and Room/Resource Booking Request

MCC is a busy and thriving community church with many activities, events, rooms and resources which require advance planning and administration to ensure their smooth running.

If you are planning an event or activity and/or wish to book a room or resource, please check the church calendar before completing this online form as the first step in the process to get your event or activity fully supported and planned in the calendar. 

Once your request has been submitted you will be contacted to discuss or confirm your event/booking, however, submitting this form does not automatically mean that the requested date(s) or room/resource is available. 

This is the name of the event which will appear in the calendar and event details
All events fall into a category so that users of the system can filter and find specific events easily
Is this event or activity part of an existing ministry or a new initiative
This description will appear in ChurchSuite and on the web site so please take care to describe the event in full.
Events can have an image to identify and promote them. If you have an image please select that option and the office will contact you when they create the event.
Please state AM or PM
Please state AM or PM
This might be Zoom or YouTube for an online event or a room in MCC for a physical event, or a location like Valley Gardens for an outside event. (Booking specific rooms comes later in this form)
For an event in the building use HG1 5AT. For an online event use a link or URL. For an event outside the building use the actual address/post code.
Please select all that apply to the event - If 6 or 7 apply you will be contacted for further details
Please tick here if you wish to book one or more rooms in the building or a resource for this event. A resource could be a person (key holder) a team (AV Team) or use of the main Zoom account.
Please tick Yes if this booking is for a 3rd party organisation outside MCC (Excludes Associated Ministries)
External party has agreed that appropriate insurance is in place to cover the event and that they will supply a copy of the Insurance Certificate before the event takes place.
The expected number of people attending the event for this booking (please provide an estimate if not known).
Please enter start and end times for serving drinks if water heater is required. Please state AM or PM
Please tick the resources you require
Please select the amount of time needed to set up before the event start time
Please select the amount of time needed to set down after the event finish time
Please provide any further information that you think we will need to help your event run smoothly.
As the organiser you are confirming that you will be responsible for any damage caused during your use of the premises. In particular, you will ensure that any signs or decorations are free-standing and you will not use adhesive tapes, pads or similar to stick them to walls or woodwork. You will take particular care to put all the equipment and furnishings you use back into the places/positions you found them and leave the areas tidy. You will wash and put away any crockery/cutlery you use.
You agree to creating or helping to create a Risk Assessment (if none exists) for this Activity or Event and to supervise the compliance with the protocols in the approved Risk Assessment.