The AV Team

By Geoff Addy

24th June 2018

Hi, I’m Geoff. I’m responsible for the technical aspects of the Audio/Visual systems at MCC. This includes audio, lighting, monitors, 4 different projectors, the computer software and a lot of cables!

I’m also part of the presentation team, led by Phil Dickerson.

Phil has a Rota so that each week there is an operator for the computer presentation software, and another operator for the sound desk.

As well as more senior people (like myself), we have a wide range of people serving on the team from young adults to seniors. It’s open to all those who want to use their skills to worship, and help others to worship, as we operate the equipment during services.

We work closely with the musicians and singers to enable them to produce ‘a joyful sound’. We have a worship band performing each and every Sunday and is a vital part of our time together.

If you would be interested in getting involved in this ministry, please pop up to the A/V desk inside the main hall (you can’t miss it) for a chat.