Dear Visitor, 

Covid-19 and MCC church activity 

In response to government advice our Sunday services have been modified in line with government guidelines designed to enable the safe reopening of places of worship during the pandemic. This means that physical attendance at our Sunday service has to be carefully managed (places can be booked electronically) a one-way system has been introduced, hand sanitising and social distancing is in place. Various groups for chidren up to 16 are taking place during the service and places can be booked for them too.

We wish to make it clear that we are not “shutting up shop”, but “church” is going to look very different as we cope with the pandemic, characterised less by attendance at church and more by the prayer and service we offer each day.  Many of our activities are now undertaken online including the streaming of our main Sunday service access to this and tickets for the  physical service can be found on the ‘What’s on’ section of this site.

The SLT and the MOT have Covid-19 working groups to ensure decisions can be made more swiftly and respond as the situation demands, these group have already: 

  • Mobilised Life Group leaders to take on practical pastoral care and identified the more vulnerable members of the church family so we can put in place appropriate care for them. 
  • Communicated general messages of encouragement and information via the MCC Facebook page and the Mowbray Community Church YouTube account (on YouTube search for ‘Mowbray Community Church’ click on the logo and click on the video).
  • Completed risk Assessments for and facilitated the re-opening of the building for allowed purposes and for Sunday worship. 
The SLT will meet electronically on Saturday mornings for regular prayer pastoral issues and urgent matters, we will also debrief on the Covid-19 situation. 
  • We also need to work out what church will look like and how church will operate without meeting together for services. Please pray for us and bear with us as this is new territory. 
  • Our Pastors and staff team are working from home but are in regular communication and we will be communicating with you regularly. The quickest way to communicate with most of our church family is electronically, but we know that not everyone has access to information shared in this way.  If you know anyone who might be out of the communication loop, please give them a call and keep them updated. 
  • For enquiries please contact this will help to ease the pressure on our Pastors. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Finally, and most importantly, we ask you to pray – that God’s love, hope and peace shines through during this dark time and that we can be wise and kind in all we do and say. 

In His name we pray. 

Senior Leadership Team