We have a leadership team consisting of our senior pastor, our associate pastor and lay personnel who take care of pastoral care, vision, finances and policy making. This team is complemented by the ministry and operations team who are more responsible for the day-to-day management of church ministries and operations. 


David Bolton

Senior Pastor - Current Chairman of SLT
David Bolton is a man of a spiritual journey. He has a PhD from Katholieke Universities Leuven, Belgium and has been a pastor at MCC since 2011 where he has a passion for exploring the endless riches of God's grace!

Tim Lewis

Associate Pastor
Tim is the associate pastor at MCC and joined the church in 2017 with his young family. He has an Anglican background and loves MCC's powerful fusion of Word and Spirit.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT):

David Collett

David brings a wealth of experience to his role in the senior leadership team and the life of the church, David oversees Evangelism and he was the Christians Against Poverty debt centre manager for many years.

Stuart Jamieson

Stuart is the SLT member responsible for Safeguarding and co-ordinates home fellowship groups with Pastor Tim. Stuart is a member of the teaching team for Sunday sermons.

Matt Wood

Matt is responsible for HR, finance and accounting at MCC and keeps a close eye on budgets. He's the person to see for expenses and to talk to about your giving.

Martin Harrison

Martin is one of our mission partners and along with his wife Ruth works for Reach Beyond, he's also responsible for worship in MCC.

Ministry & Operations Team (MOT):

Ruth Nabi

Ruth heads up all of our community activities, which include the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) services: Job Clubs, Life Skills and Debt Help

Marty Wingrave

Marty heads up the mission action team made up of church volunteers and liaises with our mission partners–both around the world and in the UK–to coordinate help and support. He also plays the flute in the worship group on Sunday mornings.

Marguerite Wright

Marguerite is an accomplished keyboard player who coordinates our worship team and the A/V team