Peter Ingham

Community Evangelist – Staff team

Peter is married to Pauline and they have four children and sixteen grandchildren. He spent the first six years of his life on a farm near Ripponden, moving to Knaresborough in 1963. He was in the first year to attend the new St Aidan’s School, Harrogate in 1968. From the National Youth Theatre to training as a chef, Peter had a colourful life before becoming a Christian in 1979 when he witnessed a wonderful healing first-hand; he then operated a coach business for 29 years, using it as a mission field serving the community. 

Peter cannot stop telling people about Jesus and as such is the community evangelist for Mowbray Community Church. He helps out with the Women’s Drop-In, Tots and Toys, the fortnightly inter-church evangelism trailer, St Peter’s church homeless outreach and organises Alpha courses. He also writes lesson plans and rotas for the MCC youth ministry ‘Reaction’.

God in His grace has blessed the work: if a piece of scripture could be attached to Peter it would be ‘In my weakness God’s strength is perfected’ because he admits he hasn’t got a clue what he is doing, but God has, and since meeting Him Peter has been blessed to overflowing with success in life—his riches are counted every Christmas by how many people are seated around the Ingham table.

Peter enjoys local history, motorbikes, model train sets and reading historical novels, but family is his main hobby—tiring, but satisfying.