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Creation Fest 2017

5th - 12th August


Section A: Details

Please complete this form for each child.

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Additional Information

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Section B: Permissions

Photography (Local use)(*)
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I agree to photographs of my child being taken during Ceartion Fest and displayed around the church building or in church activities.

Photography (Online)(*)
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I agree to photographs of my child being taken during Creation Fest and displayed on the Church webpage and/or Social Media

Travel Consent(*)
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I give Permission for my child to travel by minibus or car with approved leaders.

Medical Consent(*)
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I give permission for the staff/volunteers participating on the MCC Creation Fest trip from the 5th - 12th August 2017 to administer any relevant treatment or medication to the young person I am responsible for as the need arises. Additionally, if a visit to hospital is required, I authorise the staff/volunteers participating at Creation Fest 2017 to take the young person I am responsible for to hospital and give full permission for any treatment required in accordance with the hospital diagnosis. I understand that I shall be notified, as soon as possible, of the hospital visit and any treatment given. I confirm that the medical information supplied to MCC is correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing.

Data Protection(*)
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Section C: Payment

Almost there!

Amazingly the actual event is free but we need to cover food, travel, accommodation (camping on site) and some equipment hire.

The cost will be £95 per young person (unless booked before 30/03/17 the cost would be £88 each).

We have already subsidised this cost but should fundraising go really well we may be able to bring the cost down more.

Please register by Sunday 30th April at the latest plus a £15 deposit per young person.
The remaining balance would be payable by the 25th of June.

If cost is a barrier to your young person attending then please speak to Luke Dale.
Further instructions for how to pay will be included in the confirmation email you will receive shortly after clicking the submit button below.

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*Earlybird Discounted Price is only valid for reservations made before 30/3/2017.